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Seerah - The Early Years

Ustadh Faiyaz Khan

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1.One of the Prophet's ancestors who was Christian.
4."He is a _______ because he creates a rift between father and son, brother and brother, husband and wife."
6."Say: La illaha Ilallah and be _________."
8."His words cannot be compared to poetry."
9.Abu Bakr was known as a merchant and an expert in _________.
11.First the Muslims used to pray _____ times a day - morning and evening.
12.The Prophet's message concentrated on ________ .
15.First man to become Muslim.
16.In the beginning the Prophet confined his preaching to family and _______.
17.First Muslim.
19."_______ from the pagan customs of the Arabs." (74:5)
20."_______ was the first commandment made compulsory on the Muslims."
21."_______ your conduct." (74:4)
22.The Prophet warned his people from Mount ______.
2.Someone who claims to be able to predict the future.
3."Your own people will drive you out of this city."
5.Third surah to be revealed.
7.Prophet's adopted son.
8."Be ______ for your Lord's sake." (74:7)
10.He would go around following the Prophet cursing and contradicting him.
13."Fakabbir" means _______ Allah alone without associating any partners with Him. (74:3)
14."Do not expect to be rewarded in this world for your ______." (74:6)
18.To be insane.
19.The second aspect the Prophet's message concentrated on.
23.First child to become Muslim.

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