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Birth and Death of a Star

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1.At the end of a large star's life cycle it begins to expand.
5.A rotating neutron star that emits x-rays that are produced from collapsed matter.
8.The ____________ between gravity and the outwards force from nuclear fusion holds the star together.
10.Collapsed matter so dense and with so much gravity that nothing, even light, can escape it. This is the end of the lifecycle of HUGE stars.
12.Nebulae that are made up of shells of gas from dying stars
14.The beginning of all stars
16.Nebulae where dust blocks light
18.The end of a large star- the electrons and protons collapse to form neutrons.
19.The end of the lifecycle of a small star.
2.Nebulae that appear red due to a high amount of hydrogen
3.Nebulae that appear blue due to reflection of light from dust
4.When this element begins to be formed in a star the lifecyle is at its end
6.This force causes a star to collapse at the end of its life cycle
7.This reaction causes an outwards force, releases energy and creates heavier elements from lighter ones
9.At the end of a small star's life cycle it begins to expand.
11.An exploding large star as it ends its lifecycle.
13.A white dwarf that has cooled. (The universe isn't old enough for this to have happened yet).
15.The beginning of the formation of a star from a nebula.
17.A interstellar cloud of dust and gases

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