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The Treaty of Waitangi

Mr Farrelly.

Complete the 20 words or terms about this time in NZ history.

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1.Treaty signed by the British Crown and many Maori chiefs in 1840.
4.The accepted principles or standards of a person or a group.
5.Changing words into another language.
6.Can mean government, dominion, rule, authority, or governorship of an area such by a Maori Chief over his Iwi’s lands.
7.Respected elders.
10.Somebody who brings a lawsuit in a civil court (eg. Waitangi Tribunal) against an organization defendant.
14.Cause for resentment.
17.An explanation or establishment of the meaning or significance of something eg. ToW.
19.An adaptation or variation.
2.Set up by the Government to address Maori grievances over the ToW.
3.Combining aspects of several cultures into one new culture.
8.Means sovereignty, chieftainship and right to exercise authority, eg. chiefly autonomy over self-determination and self-management, and ownership of land.
9.A particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person's point of view.
11.The power of leadership or ownership (eg. of land).
12.An opinion formed without reason.
13.Maori chief.
15.Extended kinship group, tribe, nation, people, nationality, race - often refers to a large group of people descended from a common ancestor.
16.An appointed or elected official who governs a state, colony, or province eg. Governor Hobson in early NZ history.
18.Is a supernatural force in a person, place or object and also means prestige, authority, influence, status, spiritual power, and charisma.

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