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Ecosystems and Classification

Robbin Shepherd

Use your Life Science Vocabulary List to solve this puzzle.

1 2               3 4
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2.Organism able to make its own food
7.Domains are split into _________________
9.The systematic grouping of organisms
10.Organisms made up of cells that do not have a nucleus
12.One celled organism which is prokaryotic
14.All the individuals of one type of species in a specific area
15.Non-living factors affecting an ecosystem including light, temperature, weather
16.The network of interactions among living things and their environment
1.This is the highest level of grouping in biological classification
3.Organism that needs to consume food to survive
4.Organisms made up of cells containing a nucleus
5.Plant like organisms which do not contain chlorophyll, yeast belong to this kingdom.
6.Everything that surrounds an organism that affects how it behaves
8.Breakdown of a substance into simpler substances
11.All the populations in a specific area and all the interactions among those species.
13.This is the same as classification

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