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Metric Units

1         2        
3               4      
10           11 12

1.1/100 of a meter. About the width of your pinkie finger.
3.An approximation (or thinking guess)
4.A measure of how much stuff is in an object
5.A condition that changes.
6.1000 meters. We use this to measure large distances
8.A unit of measurement that is not agreed upon by everyone. (this could be like measuring in straws)
10.The distance of something from end to end. It is usually the longest dimension.
13.How far it is between two points.
14.The distance from a side to side, a dimension shorter than the length.
2.A unit agreed upon and used by a large number of people
4.The standard for measuring LENGTH AND DISTANCE in the metric system.
7.The standard unit for measuring mass in the metric system.
9.Gravity's pull on an object.
11.tool used for weighing objects; when it is level, the objects on either side are equal in weight.
12.The pivot point on which the balance beam rests

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