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Chapter 1 Crossword

Emma Larson

1 2
  3   4                    
    8   9
12           13            

3.The practice of breeding plants or taming animals to meet human needs
6.The crusades brought who in contact with asian goods?
7.The king of Spain, who sponsored Columbus
10.Prince henry was called "Prince Henry the ?"
12.sun-dried clay used for brick
13.How many ships did Columbus take to the Americas?
14.Who invented the printing press? Johannes....
15.How many tribes was the Iroquois made up of?
1.a form of killing off of a certain race
2.What is a tribe with advanced cultures called?
4.Who led the Protestant Revolution? (2 Words)
5.What book was the first to be printed on the printing press?
8.How many men were with Columbus on his voyage?
9.A series of wars fought to retake the Holy Lands from the Muslims
11.What month did Spain conquer the Muslims?

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