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1 2 3      
4 5             6  
8       9    
14   15                   16
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2.Electrolytes that release ions that bond with hydrogen ions
5.Molecules that include 4 connected rings of carbon atoms--cholesterol, estrogen & progesterone
7.Organic substances that are insoluable in water but soluble in certain organic solvents
8.Hydroxide ion
10.Form genes & take part in protein synthesis
11.Building blocks of proteins
12.Building block of nucleic acid molecules, consisting of a sugar a nitrogenous base & a phosphate group
13.Carbohydrate composed of many joined monosachrides
14.Lipid composed of 3 fatty acids combined with a glycerol molecule.
17.Carbon-containing molecules
19.Chemicals that resist pH change
21.Building block of fat molecule
24.Sugars with 5 or 6 carbon atoms, glucose, fructose, galactose, ribose, deoxyribose
1.Fatty acid contaning one or more double bonds in the carbon atom chain
3.Electrolytes that release hydgrogen ions in water
4.Nitrogen-containing organic compound that serve as structural material, energy sources, hormones & enzymes
6.Substances that release ions in water
9.A solution that contains more hydrogen ions that hydroxide ions & has a pH<7
13.A value that measures hydrogen ion concentration
15.Substances that usually dissociate in water to release ions
16.Organic chemical that provide much of energy that cells require
18.Polysaccharide that stores glucose in liver & muscles
20.The most common lipids that are used primarily to store energy
22.A solution that contains equal number of hydrogen & hydroxide ions & has a pH=7
23.Alkaline, pH>7

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