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SAT List 4

Mrs. Allen

1 2 3         4  
5       6   7  
  8 9                  
11               12    
  15     16                 17
        19       20        
  21 22          

3.(n.) - an investigation; an inquiry
5.(v.) - to choose; to select; to take - to kill; to destroy; to harvest
9.(v.) - to give up; to reject; to renounce
10.(adj.) - opposite/contrary/incongruous to what was expected
11.(adj.) - stubborn; unyielding; inflexible; rigid
13.(adj.) - quick to recover (person, animal) - able to recoil back into shape (material)
15.(n.) - one who advocates individual rights and free will
19.(adj.) - disrespectful; cheeky; facetious; impudent
23.(v.) - to move or swing back and forth at a regular speed; to sway; to fluctuate
24.(adj.) not able to be corrected; not able to be improved; not able to be reformed
1.(v.) - to make less visible; to obscure; to blur
2.(n.) - a small cave
4.(n.) - behavior that promotes rebellion or disorder against state; mutiny; troublemaking
6.(adj.) - steep; sheer; abrupt
7.(n.) - one who pursues pleasure as a goal
8.(v.) - to clot; to cause to thicken; to harden; to jell
12.(v.) - to summarize; to restate
14.(adj.) - severely destructive; (relating to violent natural event; sth. unpleasant or unsuccessful)
16.(v.) - to catch sight of; to glimpse; to spot
17.(adj.) - recklessly extravagant; wasteful
18.(v.) - to hinder; to block; to thwart
19.(adj.) - wild; untamed - fierce; ferocious; menacing
20.(adj.) - common; humble; lowly; uneducated
21.(v.) - to grieve with; to express sympathy
22.(n.) - a letter, esp. a long and official one

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