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Daniel 1-3

Robert Lamb

Content of this puzzle is from the Bible book of Daniel chapters 1-3.

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2.The chief of the king’s bodyguard (Daniel 2:14)
4.What Nebuchadnezzar dreamed (Daniel 2:1)
6.Arioch was this when he took Daniel to the king (Daniel 2:25)
10.The Babylonian name for Azariah (Daniel 1:7)
11.A musical instrument used to worship an image of gold (Daniel 3:5)
14.How many days Daniel's food test would last (Daniel 1:12)
17.What the Hebrews wanted to drink (Daniel 1:12)
19.What the wise men would be if they didn't get the dreams right (Daniel 2:5)
20.The size of the king's dream image (Daniel 2:31)
22.Something else Jehovah gave the Hebrews (Daniel 1:17)
24.The legs of the image was this (Daniel 2:33)
25.Besides iron, the feet of the image was this (Daniel 2:33)
26.Nebuchadnezzar's chief court official (Daniel 1:2)
28.He was assigned the name Meshach (Daniel 1:7)
30.The appearance of the image was this (Daniel 2:31)
31.Something Jehovah gave the Hebrews (Daniel 1:17)
32.How many times smarter the Hebrews were than the magic-practicing priests (Daniel 1:20)
33.A musical instrument used to worship an image (Daniel 3:5)
34.The belly and its thighs of the image was this (Daniel 2:32)
1.This was burning and fiery (Daniel 3:17)
3.One of Daniel's companions (Daniel 1:6)
4.What Ashpenaz thought the Hebrews would look like without rich food & drink (Daniel 1:10)
5.The breasts and arms of the image was this (Daniel 2:32)
7.Daniel addressed himself with this (Daniel 2:14)
8.The head of the image was this (Daniel 2:32)
9.The King of Judah (Daniel 1:1)
12.One thing Jehovah gave the Hebrews (Daniel 1:17)
13.What the king thought the wise men were trying to gain (Daniel 2:8)
15.What the interpretation of the dream is (Daniel 2:45)
16.Length of time King of Judah ruled when king of Babylon arrived in Jerusalem (Daniel 1:1)
18.What the Hebrews wanted to eat (Daniel 1:12)
21.What the king would give if they got the dreams right (Daniel 2:6)
23.The king became very much this at the wise men (Daniel 2:12)
27.Language Babylonians spoke (Daniel 2:4)
29.Where Nebuchadnezzar took the temple utensils (Daniel 1:2)

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