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States of Matter

S. Mettler

On the back of this puzzle, make a Frayer Map with the words: variable and volume.

1 2 3 4
5             6           7 8
15               16  
19                 20  

5.This happens when a liquid reaches 0 degrees Celsius. (2 words)
9.Used to measure volume and pours-not the most accurate tool for measuring volume..
10.Anything that takes up space (volume) and has mass.
11.Used to hold substances. (2 words)
12.The last step in the scientific method.
14.The amount of space that a substance takes up.
15.The state of matter where the molecules are sliding past each other.
18.The variables that do not change.
19.Measures heat.
21.Water vapor changing to a gas.
22.Something that can be changed in an investigation
23.Used to measure volume and is the more accurate tool for this job. (2 words)
1.This happens when a solid reaches 0 degrees Celsius. (2 words)
2.A rapid back and forth movement.
3.100 degrees Celsius (2 words).
4.Solid, liquid, and gas are the 3 we study in 5th grade. (3 words)
6.The state of matter where the molecules are moving very quickly.
7.The items needed to do an investigation.
8.The energy of moving molecules in a substance.
10.The amount of matter in an object-can be measured on a balance.
13.The state of matter where the molecules are moving very slowly-vibrating.
16.The steps that need to be followed in order to perform an experiment.
17.A predicted answer to a testable question.
20.The process of a liquid changing to a gas.

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