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Env. Sci.

Mrs. VH

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42                             43        
  44     45                  

3.group of organisms similar to one another that can breed and produce fertile offspring
4.biggest volcanic eruption was on this island
7.area claimed by an individual or group of animals
9.the second of two groups of warm-blooded vertebrates
11.when species become ______, biodiversity and stability are reduced
12.this continent experienced severe drought in 1982 because of El Nino
14.the variety of species in an ecosystem
17.broken-down material is carried off
18.average human body needs to take in this many liters of water a day
22.animals that become dormant
23.these bodies of water were formed when glaciers retreated
24.how territorial animals mark their space
25.all the giraffes, zebras, elephants, water, dirt, sun, rocks are an example of this
29.there have been this many major ice ages
35.what happens to sea level when a glacier melts
36.this act was passed in 1973 to protect disappearing wildlife
39.these contain stored carbon, an example is coal
40.Earth's early atmosphere contained this gas, given off by volcanoes, not in our present day atm.
41.specific environment a species lives in
42.process plants use to make food
43.the size of an animal's territory is determined by the ____ of that animal
44.all the energy used by living things comes from the ____
45.all the giraffes on a Savanna is an example of this
1.the amount of ____ affects the characteristics of life found in an area
2.all the giraffes, zebras, and elephants on the Savanna is an example of this
3.layer of the atmosphere that contains the ozone
5.worms get their nutrients by ____ it directing into the cells of their body
6.animals may compete for territory until the _____
8.breaking down of rocks by water, wind, ice
10.total area in which a species can live
13.these can be passed on from one organism to another, because they can be stored in the tissues and taken in as one eats the other
15.huge ice mass
16.life processes slow down
19.glaciers can contain bubbles of ___ that were trapped thousands of years ago
20.the month in which El Nino occurs
21.atmospheric gases capture and store heat from the sun and increase Earth's temperatrure
26.the coast of this continent experiences El Nino
27.lithosphere is made of these
28.this peninsula formed during the last ice age
30.Mount Pinatubo is found in this country
31.water quality is affected by the amount of dissolved ____ found in it
32.long periods of cooling when glaciers covered the Earth
33.all the substances that an organism requires from food
34.this river flooded in 1993 and caused billions of dollars of damage
37.one of two groups of warm-blooded vertebrates
38.El Nino of 1982 caused the drop of this fish industry in Peru

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