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Edith De Soto

You think you can find the corruption in this puzzle? prove it!

1   2     3 4 5
  6 7            
11     12         13               14  
  17   18          
20           21   22
  23   24                        
26   27           28    
    29                         30      
  32                   33        
34                   35            

1.Her son was considered a ________.
6.If there is no one outside it suggest that they are......
8.Removed the tooth with bitter _______.
9.The mother _______on seeing him.
11.His looks were ______ by the women.
13.They were charged ____________ to see him.
15.He was _______ out of curiosity('miracles')
16.Didn't have a ______.
18.They have committed a great sin.
19."The village had __________ houses."
20.Kept his _____ up by watching him.
23.The drowned man was a ___________.
26.He is said to be an _______.
29."They were _______ keys."
30.The town and him were considered the _______ damn thing.
32.He wasn't a _______ being.
33.The mother was full of ________.
34.Appeared with a ___________.
35.He posed as a _______.
36.He was named ________.
37.He was thought of as an _________.
2.He was _____ his wings to get up.
3.Spent three days in______ from exhaustion.
4.All she did was ______ her daughter.
5.They could see _______ during their trip.
7."The people have______.
10.He was______ out of the mud.
12.Had an______ tooth.
14."...our _____ dead men."
17.He said that no ________ would be used.
21.His beauty expanded their _________.
22.His arrival _______ the village.
24.This represented the twenty dead men.
25.The _____ said he would shoot him.
27.They painted the front of the houses with _______.
28.All he can do is _____ to feel better.
31.A _______ man was found in the water.

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