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Native Indians

Chapter 17 Section 2

2         3          
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2.Changing the puffs from short to long to send messages
4.Transport device with two poles joined by a frame, drawn by an animal
7.Is a land set aside for Native American Indians to live on
8.short-and tallgrass prairie referred to as a mixed grass
9.U.S. official promised to protect the Indian nations if they stop following the buffalo
1.Unsettled land in the prairie characterized by flat land with waist high grass
3.Early plain settlers cut out blocks of soil, held together by dense mat roots, to form sod houses
4.Cone shape tent made of buffalo skins
5.A four -day cermony where thousands of Native Indains would meet to make pledges to the Great Spirit or ruler of universe
6.Another name for buffalo, is the largest animal weighng moe than 2,000 pounds

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