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Rogers Group 1 Crossword Puzzle

Kate Rogers

Here is Group 1 - Fourth Hour Class - Hands on/Interactive activity

1 2
9           10        

3.First part of the Bible (2 Words)
4.First 5 Books of the Bible Pentateuch
6.Apocryphal is a word that means "hidden" in Greek. It is words that refer to the Bible but are not included in the canon. (2 Words)
7.Explain to us how the CHosen People lived out the covenant in the Promised Land (2 Words)
8.Best Seller
9.Contain the Jewish Law and important instruction on belief and practice (Other Name for Pentateuch)
10.The official list of inspired books of the Bible
11.Contain some of the most beautiful and practical religious literature (2 Words)
12.Year Bible was first printed
1.The Greek term for "second canon." It refers to those books in the Old Testament that were not found in the Hebrew scriptures.
2.Ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament.
4.Forceful reminders to always have faith in God (2 Words)
5.The male rulers, elders, or leaders of the faith

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