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Vocabulary Unit 3

Bridget Spring

1 2 3 4
8                 9  
11 12                    
14   15           16

5.thoroughly, absolute, complete, frank, blunt
6.to drive or urge on, something used to drive or urge on
8.to reach a high point of development, to end, climax
10.able to read and write, showing an excellent educational background, having knowledge or training
11.an essential part, a voter who elects a representative
15.cross, complaining, irritable, contrary
17.a family of young animals, especially birds, any group having the same nature and origin
18.to burn slightly, a burn at the ends or edges
19.to establish the truth or accuracy of, confirm
20.the quality of giving off light, brightness, glitter
1.one of a kind, unequaled, unusual, found only in a given class, place, or situation
2.mixed, of different times
3.to come into view, to appear in exaggerated form, a machine for weaving
4.to give into a wish or desire, give oneself up to
7.Full of Life, lively, alive, moved to action
9.to boil or foam, to be excited or disturbed
12.a public speech for a formal occasion
13.vertical, straight, good, honest, in a vertical position
14.a loafer, idler, a buzzing or humming noise, a remote control device, a male bee, to make a buzzing sound, to speak in a dull tone of voice
16.to long for, to desire

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