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Vocabulary List #2

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1.I ______________ to Mindo last weekend.
4.Sincere commitment, free of ulterior motives, to take individual or group action that will benefit others
7.At what time
10.I highly ______________ that you study for the spelling test tonight!
12.Last year we ____________ in the third grade.
13.A person who writes a book, story, play, or magazine article.
15.We are learning about _______________ when we study maps in Social Studies.
16.Nia ____________ her homework every night.
17.Anxious or fearful
18.____________ in Ecuador should I travel this weekend?
2.The ______________ of the books is, ¨The Most Beautiful Place in the World¨.
3.Everyday Becca ______________ home on the bus.
5.The teacher will ________________ how to complete the homework on the board.
6.I was _______________, so I opened the mysterious door and peeked in.
8.To take in sounds through the ear
9.I talked to ____________ of them.
11.At all times
12.When you are intelligent, you are ________________.
14.I am going to pass my spelling test tomorrow, ________________ I studied really hard.
19.At or in this place

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