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CHS Biology

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1.A group of ecosystems that have the same climate & dominant communities.
3.Interconnected feeding relationships. (2 Words)
7.Organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic compounds.
10.Relationship where 1 organism benefits & the other is unaffected.
11.Organisms in different biomes may have these different characteristics that increase their chances of survival.
13.A well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.
17._____________ are grouped in populations, which make up communities.
19.Populations reach this when resources become less available. (2 Words)
20.An organism that cannot make its own food.
23.All the members of a specific species that live in the same area.
27.Branch of bioolgy dealing with interactions among organisms & between organisms and their environment.
28.Resource shortages triggered by population increases are density-_____________ limiting factors.
29.A biomass __________ shows the amount of living tissue within each trophic level.
30.Type of succession where producers start to grow on bare ground that has not been inhabited before.
31.A close relationship between two or more organisms.
32.Only about 10% of the _________ in a trophic level is available to organisms at the next level.
1.Total amount of living tissue within each trophic level.
2.Species of fungi, protists, and bacteria recycle nutrients by breaking down organic matter & returning it to the environment.
4.Increasing concentration of a harmful substance in organisms at higher trophic levels.
5.Biological factor that affects ecosystems.
6.Factor that affects organisms' ability to survive & causes the growth of a population to decrease. (2 Words)
7.Rainfall, soil type, and temperature are all examples of this type of factor.
8.Animals that eat both producers & consumers.
9.Organism that feeds only on plants.
12.Autotrophs at the beginning of a food chain.
14.A scientific _____________ must be proposed in a way that enables them to be tested.
15.This organism's diet consists mainly of heterotrophs (meat).
16.Most of the energy in a trophic level is eliminated (lost) as _________.
18.If a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of the habitat, what may rise? (2 Words)
21.Original source of almost all the energy in most ecosystems.
22.The study of living things.
24.Interaction when an organism captures & eats another organism.
25.When a flower provides food for an insect & the insect pollinates the flower.
26.The direction of the ________ in a food chain/web represent the flow of energy through an ecosystem.

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