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Stuart Gedal

3 4 5       6      
  7   8      
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  15             16        

5.Getting at the details of something involves finding out about it __________________ (2 words, no hyphen, no spaces).
9.If something is truly unusual, almost in a negative way, it is __________________.
10.Ideas or things to do that give you lots of energy or make you think about things in new ways.
11.When two people share similar feelings and opinions, they are on ____________________ (2 words, no spaces)
12.The opposite of materialism.
13.When you speak to someone with total honesty, even if it is bad news or criticism (3 words, no hyphens, no spaces).
14.The formal name, in English grammar, for a "helping verb".
15.You what the end will be.
17.If you take your time discussing something, you may end up in a _______________ conversation.
18.A synonym for "honestly" or "truthfully".
19.A conversation where one person is dominating (2 words, no hyphen, no space).
1.A person who enjoys speaking and has many ways of making the listener feel comfortable is a good __________________.
2.When you have a deadline and you finally get the work done, you may give a _________ of relief.
3.When you are successful in getting another person to understand your ideas (2 words, no space)
4.To solve a problem (2 words, no spaces).
6.If there is no reason to do something, but you are asked to do it, the request is ______________.
7.Paying attention to other peoples' needs and feelings.
8.Something more interesting than going to the movie with Suzi! (2 words, no space).
13.If an idea or an answer to a question is not at the "front" of your mind, you might need to _________________ for it (2 words, no spaces)
16.If you speak excitedly, and with lots of body language, you are ________________.

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