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'Whose your dons?'

Jesse R. Vasquez

Search to know your buildings dons and for fun facts about your rez.

2 3          
    4 5
      6         7
9     10 11        

3.The brains, has so much class....
6.The name in which the building was named after.
8.Door open, where you at? Hawking is where its at.....
11.Sport fanatic, always around....
12.What you receive when 'caught' studying.
13.Where we all live.
14.Samba in my heart, Star bright....
1.Unplayable on the Volleyball Court, Leader of the wolf pack....
2.Wise scholar, Do the Raven....
3.Burlington raised, Coyote Crazy.....
4.What you receive when you 'play' on Sundays.
5.The month we moved in.
7.Always friendly, helpful and basically are really cool people.
9.Always uses quotes, loves food ....
10.Most of your dons are in this program.

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