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2 3 4     5    
    7           8
9   10           11  
    12   13  
  14   15             16          
17     18      
  19           20            
21                   22  
  23                     24
          25 26
  27       28  
29   30                    
31                             32
35               36          

4.A tropical grass
6.To Loose brightness
7.A line in a cloth or paper were it has been folded
9.To do something with energy but not very organized
19.To convince someone to do something
20.Yo use this to sew
21.To make a pause before doing something
23.Very embarrassed
30.To show little respect
31.To show irritation because you have been insulted
34.In a really bad way
35.A male chicken
36.A warning of danger
37.To think a lot of yourself
1.Wanting a lot to do something
2.A robber
3.To know a lot of something
5.A cookie
8.A pattern of squares
10.To not be present
11.To save
12.A shellfish you eat
13.To open something
15.To do something not wanting to
18.To bend on your knees
24.Very embarrassed
25.Chosen for something
26.Where clothes are washed
27.A fight between families
28.A kind of medicine
29.On the edges of something
32.To count on someone
33.An unkind smile

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