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Craig Dermer

7th grade synonyms: Find the synonym for each word in all CAPS.

1 2        
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      6 7 8
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1.The teacher made each student PROMISE to finish their homework.
4.The washed up whale VERY LARGE.
9.We heard a loud SHRIEK come from the haunted house.
10.The manual typewriter has become too OLD for most offices.
13.The early morning calm felt very TRANQUIL.
15.CURSING is not allowed in school.
16.They QUICKLY packed for their trip.
19.The foreigner felt SEPARATED from her country at first.
21.He looked very THIN
22.The PURPOSE of the experiment was to answer the scientist's questions about nutrition.
23.There was a FIGHT at the hockey game last night.
24.The ACCURATE number needed to win was 100.
2.Many stores post signs saying you may not PROCRASTINATE in front of their store.
3.The mountain climber reached the TOP of the mountain easily.
5.The teen's judgement was DAMAGED because he'd been drinking.
6.George Washington was very BOLD because he believed in his country.
7.The student of the school showed their EXCITEMENT when the football team won the big game.
8.If you don't finish the project you final grade could be in DANGER.
11.The farmer grew a HUGE pumpkin for the harvest contest.
12.The teacher was CRANKY because he hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before.
14.Feeling WELL
17.The criminal's plan was THWARTED by the police.
18.After working all day she felt very WEARY
20.The campers were TARDY when they failed to return home on Sunday as they had planned.

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