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The Outsiders

Emily Proce

Based on the book "The Outsiders" it's for a class project in Language Arts

1 2
3 4            
5 6          
7           8          

4.Which Curtis brother relies on his looks?
6.Are the Socs rich or poor?
7.Who was a spy for the Greasers
8.Where did Ponyboy and Johnny hide after killing Bob?
9.How long did they hide out in the church?
10.Who is Sodapop's horse
11.How old is Darry? (Not Dally)
13.Youngest of the Curtis brothers
1.What group starts most fights?
2.How did the Curtis Brothers parents die?
3.Who is the oldest Curtis brother?
5.Who wrote "The Outsiders"?
12.Whose mother ignores him?

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