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World History Summarizer

Mr. Wyka

1 2 3 4       5
7     8   9       10  
  11                 12        
14     15                
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  19   20
21         22              
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29         30                  

3.Jewish teacher whose death sparked a new religion
6.worship of religious images
7.leader of a monastery
11.founder of largest monastic order
12.religion of Muhammad
13.head of the Eastern church
15.rapid increase in prices
16.first Germanic ruler to convert
17.last great Christian persecution
21.philosophy of China
24.head of the Western church
25.defeated the Persians 4th century B.C.
27.codified Roman law code
28.religion from India
29.Italian city and capital of an empire
30.before writing
31.Charles the Great
1.new stone
2.martial Greek city-state
4.grew up along the Nile
5.Muhammad's home town
8.first Roman emperor
9.money for a man - blood payment
14.deadly epidemic disease
18.capital of Byzantine Empire
19.belief in one god
20.Germanic tribe settled in France
22.Edict of Milan 313
23.Jews who called for rebellion against Rome
26.regular church members

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