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From Cortes to Jamestown

Mr. Munford

1 2 3 4 5
6             7      
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        14   15
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6.Conquered the Inca Empire
10.Spanish missionary who protested the abuse of Indians in the New World
12.Ruler of England when Jamestown was founded
17.Navy built for the purpose of defeating England
18.Native American confederation, controlled area of Jamestown
19.Christian church that is not Catholic
20.Spanish Governor of Mexico or Peru
21.First successful English settlement in America
1.Paid for the expeditions to Roanoke
2.First English attempt to settle in America
3.Conquered the Aztec Empire
4.English pirate rewarded by Queen Elizabeth I
5.Council member of Jamestown, made alliance with Powhatan
7.Ruled England when the Spanish Armada attacked
8.Made all of the rules and regulations concerning Spanish colonies in America
9.Ruler of England when John Smith traveled to the America
11.Started the Protestant Reformation
13.Ruler of Aztec empire when Cortes arrived
14.Powhatan princess, helped Jamestown survive.
15.Led the second attempt to colonize Roanoke
16.Became protestant because the Pope would not grant him a divorce

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