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Media Studies - Textual Analysis Tool Kit

Christine Lloyd

Specific key terms that all media students need to refer to when analysing a particular media text

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2.Where the narrative is left unresolved
4.Sound that is part of the mise-en-scene
7.The reason why a techniques has been used in the media text
10.An informal expression
11.The way in which the shots move from one on to another creating a particular effect
13.A precise type of design
16.Everything that appears in the frame
19.Over- exaggerated language
20.Signs within a media text that give clues to the text's meaning
21.Slogan like phrase
22.Texts that incorporate more than one genre
1.The features os a media text that show how much it has cost to make
3.A clear structure
4.The simple description of the what can be seen in the text before any meaning is attached to it
5.Incomplete sentences finished with a set of dots
6.The meaning placed on the code or sign
8.Texts that have more than one meaning that can be interpreted in different ways
9.A sign which is understood to mean some thing other than itself
12.A jerky style of filming suggesting realism
14.Narrative priogress from begining to end
15.A range of spoken or written words aimed at a particular audience
17.The way inwhich the shots are put together
18.The_ _ _ _ _ _ the technical code will have on the audience

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