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Media Studies - Storyboard terminology

Christine Lloyd

A selection of words to use when creating a story board to ensure you include as much information as you can.

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3.The composition within the frame of the shot
5.A shot used to create emotion and tension
7.A shot which shows the audience where the action is about to take place
12.An example of non diegetic sound
13.Camera movement used to follow the charecter or action
14.Sound from within the scene
16.The appropriate time of each shot reflecting the format of the moving image
17.Camera movement towards or outwards to the subject
18.A funky style of shot transition
19.A mystery or puzzle in the narrative which is set for the audience to question
1.Camera shots, angles and editing
2.An accurate description of the shot
4.A narrative devise used to manipulate time and space
6.Added to enhance the realism of the film or program
8.An audio code which gives the audience information about the charecters and their relationships
9.A shot which moves horizontally across the scene
10.On frame of a story boartd linking to the next in a sequence
11.The way in which a shot moves from one to another
14.A subtle type of shot transition
15.Used to create atmosphere

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