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Rome and Greece

Mr. Weber

1               2 3
4     5 6            
  8   9    
10 11                
    15   16  
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    19 20     21          
  23                   24

1.the first 2 letters in the greek alphabet (2 Words)
4.greek king god
6.lower class in rome
10.romans built 50,000 miles of these
12.member of the first triumvirate, was assassinated by senators (2 Words)
13.member of the second triumvirate, second Roman to fall in love with cleopatra
17.greek god of the see
18.large area ruled by 1 person, what rome became after the republic ended
20.type of government invented in greece, used in the usa
23.fought over helen of troy, between the greeks and trojans (2 Words)
25.spear that spartan girls learned how to throw
26.upper class in rome
27.where girls learned to be good wifes
2.named lots of cities after himself when he conquered new places (3 Words)
3.where boys learned to be soldiers at the age of 7
5.slave who lead a revolt in southern italy
7.romans built these to carry water
8.hero farmer who saved rome from enemy
9.Octavian's new name, "the age of __________________"
11.where greek gods lived
14.type of government in early rome, has elected leaders
15.person who has all of the power in a government
16.slaves and criminals who were trained to fight to the death for entertainment
19.entertainment in Greece, only men participated and watched
21.caesar's heir who ended up with control over rome
22.the writer of the epic poems "the illiad" and "odyssey"
24.rich person's house in Rome

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