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How well do you know your baking and cooking terms?

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3.To cook food in a small of hot fat.
4.To cook gently in hot liquid slightly covered.
5.Cut on a diagonal creating a large side with a large surface area.
8.To let stand in a marinade.
9.To cook uncovered under a direct source of heat.
11.To slice into thin pieces.
12.To combine ingredients lightly with a lifting motion.
13.To combine ingredients using a wire whisk.
14.To chop into very small cubes.
1.To cut food into thin, stick-sized strips.
2.To break into small pieces usually with a fork.
3.Cut food lightly so as to mark food with lines.
6.Mix ingredients together.
7.To reduce food to small particles using a food grinder or food processor.
10.To spread dough or pastry with a rolling pin to desired thickness.

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