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Unit 4 Vocab Words

Ashleigh Morrow

Use the definitions given to find the correct space to put the vocab word for this unit.

1 2 3 4 5
6         7      
8                     9      
12   13           14    

6.(q) energy transformed between samples because of their difference in T
8.change of a liquid to vapor (gas) without bubbles
10.the study of the transfers of energy (E) as heat (q) occurs during chemical and physical changes
11.the amount of energy required to raise the T of one gram of a substance by one C or K (2 Words)
12.liquid to solid by removal or loss of heat (exothermic)
15.change of a liquid to vapor (gas) with bubbles
16.gasses and liquids
1.average KE of the particle in a sample
2.force that pulls adjacent parts of liquids surface together which decreases the surface area (2 Words)
3.process the releases heat into the environment
4.liquid to gas; (endothermic)-2types
5.attraction of the surface ot a liquid to the surface of a solid (2 Words)
7.process that absorbs heat from the environment (uses energy)
9.gas to liquid (exothermic)
13.the capacity to do some kind of work
14.change of solid to liquid with addition of heat (endothermic)

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