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CrossWord Puzzle! :D

Alyssa Martin <3.

1   2    
  3 4
6     7  
8             9            
10 11       12                
    14               15  
    17       18 19          
20                   21            
22                   23          

1.regular church members.
5.a group of Christian communities, or parishes, under the authority of a bishop.
8.practice of living the life of a monk.
12.a state whose military and political power is held by the sultan.
13.an upper class whose wealth is based on land and whose power is passed on from one generation to another.
14.a person sent out to carry a religious message.
17.a man who separates himself from ordinary human society in order to dedicate himself to God.
19.to follow up, or proceed with.
20.a devine truth.
21.the head of a convent.
22.political and social order that developed during the middle ages when royal governments were no longer able to defend their subjects; nobles offered protection and land in return for survice.
23.church leaders.
24.a wonman who seperates herself from ordinary human society in order to dedicate herself to God.
2.a rapid increase in prices.
3.in the Roman Empire, an official in charge of a province.
4.military expeditions carried out by European Christians in the middle ages to regain the holy land from the muslims.
6.claim by chinese kings of the Zhou dynasty that they had direct authority from heaven to rule and keep order in the universe.
7.Arabic for God.
9.the change from one bealif or form to another.
10.the worship of religious images.
11.pictures of religious images.
15.a form of government in which the leader is not a king and certian citizens have the right to vote.
16.relating to law; founded on law.
18.an epidemic disease.

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