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Cross Word Puzzle Ch.1-4


  2             3
4                 5
6             7        
8             9    
  10       11
  12 13                  

2.Founded a political movement. And married a 9 yr old*
4.Greatly expanded Arabi Muslim empire*
6.Raids into central western europe one cause of new political and economic structure of middle ages*
7.Spreaded good news to gentiles
8.Partly responsible for jewish revolt
13.Proclaimed official tolerance of christianity (edict of mulan)*
14.The accused will endure a physical trial in which if inocent devine forces will intervine*
15.Capital city of East Roman Empire*
16.The most amazing History teacher on planet earth*
1.Orders the life of a muslim*
3.Instituted the last great christian prosecution*
5.New political,social,,economic structure. Came about the break of the carolingian empire*
9.Inspired a new religion and inspired morality,culture,and law for the next two thousand years. Now is the largest growing faith*
10.Preserved much knowledge of ancient greece and Rome. And helped christianity throughout europe*
11.A Fine paid to the family of the person injured or killed*
12.Reigned 768-814 A.D in the Carolingian Empire*

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