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History Findings Ch 1-4

Kayla Quesenberry

Chapters 1-4; can be used for a review

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1.Office of caliph
4.Ruler of a tribe
7.Found mainly in China; gave emperors the right to rule
9.Means struggle in the way of God
10.This codification of Roman law became the basis of imperial law in the Eastern Roman Empire until its end in 1453
13.A pilgramage Muslims had to make in their lifetime
17.One of the largest religions today;people were persecuted by the Romans
18.Found mainly on the Arabian Peninsula
19.A council headed by a prime minister
20.Believing in only one God
21.Lived from 483-565; rebuilt Constantinople
23.Only accepted descendents of Ali
2.Defeated the Persian Empire
3.A place with small city-states; found in Europe
5.Set of unwritten rules dealing with feudalism
6.Religous and politcal successor to Muhammad
8.Developed in India around the sixth century BC
11.Means peace through submission
12.Founder of Islam
14.Somebody that practices Islam
15.First Roman emperor; also goes by Augustus
16.Known for their raids and aggresive behavior
22.Another word for God

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