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1.A state whose military and political power is held by the sultan.
4."A devine (God given) right to rule" brought about by the Zhou dynasty.
5.geometric patterns repeated over and over to completely cover a surface with decoration.
7.Political and social order developed during the Middle Ages, royal governments could not provide protection to people, therefore nobles offered protection in exchange for service.
10.The worship of religious images.
13.In the Roman Empire, an official in charge of a province.
2.An extended family unit within a larger community.
3.An upper class whose wealth is based land and whose power is passed on from one generation to another.
4.Crier who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer five times a day.
6.Tower of a mosque from which the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer.
8.An instrument used by sailors to determine their location by observing the positions of the stars.
9.Military expeditions carried out by European Christians in the Middle Ages to regain the Holy land from the Muslims.
11.A gift of money or property paid at the time of marriage, either by the bride's parents to her husband or, in Islamic societies, by a husband to his wife.
12.Informal collection of Muhommad's sayings.
14.Ruler of an Arabic tribe.

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