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1.to form in layers
3.to lower in rank, prestige or esteem
5.to praise highly
9.to make in order to deceive
11.to draw a circle around, to restrict
13.to speak of negatively, to belittle
16.to grow or increase rapidly
19.to speak of or treat with disrespectful amusement
20.to ease a pain or burden
21.to spend wastefully
22.to remove incorrect or inappropriate material before publishing
23.to free from blame
2.to reject the validity or authority of someone
4.unselfish concern for the well-being of others
6.to sap the strength or energy
7.troublesome or oppressive
8.to estimate by extending known information
10.to make greater in size or number
12.to thwart or stump, to confuse
14.to place side by side, especially to compare or contrast
15.unemotional, serious
16.unimaginative, dull
17.to make or become better, to improve
18.to inflict damage or disfigure
19.to expose or ridicule a falseness or sham

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