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27 clues :)

Hey, this is the first crossword I make and I hope you like it. Some solutions are adjectives that show what I think about you, others are(mostly) part of last summer...I know it’s not a real present, but in this situation I’m trying to do my best :) :*

1 2
3         4              
7   8          
  9         10        
  11   12                  
  14         15        
  16 17                
21               22

3.how you make me feel :P + a day when a person celebrates his or her date of birth
5.Abstain :P
8.Where we first kiss
9.I _ _ _ _ you…
12.Mandorle o?
13.Green, in a way (it’s not hulk :P )
14.you, me…and chris cornell
17.Cibo fondamentale nelle nostre uscite...
19.Barney Stinson
20.his feces consist of dark matter, which can be used as starship fuel.
21.can solve anything...in games :P
23._ _ _ _ _ theory. To be a great couple, if you love them, I should hate them.
25.a movie that we’ll finish to watch one day…(hope asap :P)
26.tu:"secondo te quanto sono _ _ _ _ _" io:"più di un iPhone :P" -.-"
27.The first nickname you gave me
1.the first movie we saw together
2.Get the joke
4.the last movie we saw together
6.you said that, the amount of them would have been as much as the quantity of my moles :P
7.The end credits include a special tribute to Pixar co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs
11.Fa rima con bacino and I gave u one with Nutella in it
15.Me with my green dress
16.also called "ephelides".
18.Word with "tooth" or "heart".
22.copy cat
24.one of the 7 dwarfs

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