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1 2
3         4 5 6
    7 8   9            
  11               12          
          13   14
  16       17     18      
19 20     21       22          
      23   24   25  
26         27         28 29  
    30                     31
  32         33        

3.horse opera
7.Watch out for this "Margie" girl
10.toro cheer
11.Victoria's hubby
12.to end or complete
13.sweet potato
15.Ewe'll love this place!
16.A Sin we all love
18.Kona feast
20.One the Admiral lost
22.Chef di tutti chef
24.famous lake and singer
26.Here one and only
27."I found it!"
30.Monday prayer
32.what we all need
33.young girl in Edinbourough
35.Favorite garland
36.uno + duo
1.bird or score
2.Actor or pianist
4.The best collectibles
5.Todd's kin
6."Look out, Goliath!"
8.Something "fishy" here
9.Phyllis and Anthony
14.Mama _ _ _!
17.Tina and Ted
18.Wednesday's Foursome venue
19.No mutts here - only _ _ _ _
20.cellar dwellers
21.Home sweet home
23.Fellow traveler - but not a "commie"
25.One of the Gospels
28.Pedro's drink
29.Don't _ _ _ _with this Marine!
31.golfer lefty
33.Remick or Marvin
34.linkletter or sketch

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