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vocabulary crossword search

Emily Wallace

these are vocab words were used in the story from THE GREAT SERUM RACE: Blazing The Iditarod Trail. Some may be difficult, but the words would include a difination along with the numbers.

1 2
  4           5

3.When an illness or problem has been identified, it has been diagnosed.
4.A liquid or a gas that has seeped into a place has leaked there slowly.
6.When you ask for something in an emotional or intense way, you are making a plea.
1.When you intercept someone on the way to a place, you meet the person before he or she gets together.
2.When you have a rendezvous with someone, you have arranged to meet that person at a certain time and place.
3.You have devoured something if you have eaten it quikly and enthusiastically.
5.When somethingis capable of killing, it is lethal.

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