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Geometric Reasoning


Vocabulary help for unit #2.

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3.If not p then not q
8.statements that have the same truth value (2 Words)
9.if p then q
10.reasoning that a statement is true because of facts and logic
11.if a = b, then b can be used for a in any expression
12.a statement believed to be true but not necessarily proved
13.combination of statements using the word "and"
14.if p implies q and p occurs, then q occurs
17.combination of statements using the word "or"
23.the "if" part of a condition
24.if q then p
1.reasoning that a statement is true because of specific cases
2.if a = b, then b = a
4.not p
5.If not p then not q
6.an example in which the conjecture is not true
7.if and only if
15.if a = b and b = c, then a = c
16.combination of two or more statements
18.the "then" part of a condition
19.lists all possible combinations of truth values for a statement (2 Words)
20.if p implies q and q implies r are true, then p implies r
21.a = a
22.an argument that uses logic to prove a conjecture to be true

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