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Egyptian vocabulary study

Hayden Collier

An Egyptian study guide.

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4.A form of egyptian writing of Hieroglyphics
5.This was happeming so the pyramids where built.
6.Egyptian for of a tomb.
10.A pyramid Chart that reprsents the higher to lower classes.
13.The kingdom of this starts with a N in this cross word.
14.The youngest king to live.
16.A lion/man statue in Egypt
1.Egypts rival in Acient Eypt.
2.Where most king used to be burried in egypt.
3.A journy or adventure.
7.A woman king.
8.A large City to live in.
9.What the kings where burried in.
11.A form of Eyptian hieratic writing
12.The founder of the 18th sentry
15.To kick the ball far.

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