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unit 2 project

freddy dickinson

1 2
4         5    
6               7
    8           9
10   11    
  12               13    
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  17   18             19
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  25                     26      

4.left because of government revolution
6.english french spanish dutch where most likely to come on the _______ wave
8.left there land because of a porato famine
12.absolute social political and economic quality regardless of a persons gender
14.the government funded _____ care services to help women with there new jobs during ww2
16.co finder of the first womens convention
18.____ hunters would get great deals on houses from the detainees because they had to say before 48hours
20.title lx of the 1972 __________ act forbade discrimination bases on gender with regard to all educational programs and activites
22.to encourage women employment during ww2 goverment offerd them __________ programs
25.______ act of 1965 eliminated the national quotas of the immigration act of 1924 in favor of lobal quota of all immigrants
26.salt lake city is the capital of _____________c cc
27.escaped slave that fought for an end to slavery and womens rights
28.italins russian jews polish where most likely to come on the __________ wave
29.3erd women appointment to the supreme court
30.the first women appointment to the supreme court
1.mexican south american and caribbean where most likely to come on the ______ wave
2.juno is the capital of ___________
3.second women appointment to the supreme court
5.phoenix is the capital of _________
7.white english speaking protesants
9.most signed on as indentured servants and tended to be former shop owners and craftsmens
10.left land because of over population and lack of land and job opportunities and heard of gold rush
11.____ act of 1924 set a specific quota on immigrants based on there nation of origin
13.montgomery is the capital of ______________
15.irish chinese and german peoples seeking work and land and gold were most likely to come on the ________ wave
17._____ boom was from 1945-1961 with over 65million children born
19._______ falls is the first womens right convention held in new york
21._____ had less then 48 hours to make arrangements for their homes businesses and farms
23.after the passing of the 19th amendment women gained __________
24.organized the first womens rights convention

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