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Lukas Baras

This is a croosword about IT key terms.

1 2         3
  5   6  
7                   8  
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2.A portable computer
7.Physical parts of a computer system
9.How long the battery holds
10.A map in the device
12.What your computer is connected to
13.you can take pictures on it
16.More than 1 person using a device
17.A programme which performs a task on a computer
1.you can save files on it
3.It can be carried around
4.A portable device which you can communicate with others
5.It holds personal data on a digital device
6.A programme that controls the display for the user and that allows the user to interact with the system
8.Things you go on e.g. facebook, games
11.How fast the computer is working
14.You can connect to an internet wirelesslly
15.How your device is safe

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