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digital devices

sidney silva

1 2 3
    4     5        
6             7    
8                       9    
11               12  
16 17        

4.password or lock
6.a pad device were you can read books
8.a software for specific task
10.carring around with you
11.The programs used by a computer.
13.what can this device do?
14.an computer/laptop with a special keybored fo the blind
15.battery life of a device
17.another kind of tablet made by the apple company
18.objects that you can actually touch
19.how devices link togther
1.being able to multitask on a device
2.A portable microcomputer, suitable for use while traveling
3.memory card on a phone carries?
5.when the user and a computer system interact
7.a map
9.what is the internet connection like?
12.being able to hold picture, video, music....
13.a device were you can talk or text a person
16.a small device that you listen to music through

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