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B1.6 Response & Regulation

C Aziz

Keyword definitions

1     2   3 4 5
8   9                
  11 12 13   14
        15     16

1.the target organ for the chemical messengers involved in controlling blood glucose (5)
6.the maintenance of a constant internal environment (11)
7.a type of feedback to maintain a constant internal environment (8)
9.chemical messengers that control blood glucose levels are made here (8)
10.sense organs are made up of these (9)
17.needs to be kept at 37 C (15)
18.an organ important in regulating body temperature (4)
19.a condition where a person cannot control their blood glucose level (8)
2.a type of impulse which relays information to the CNS (10)
3.this happens to the blood vessel when you are too cold (16)
4.a sugar in the blood that needs to be regulated (7)
5.a chemical messenger released when blood glucose is too high (7)
8.a chemical messenger released when blood glucose is too low (8)
11.this is stored in the liver (8)
12.a muscle that contract to make hairs stand on end (7)
13.a type of blood vessel (9)
14.sweat is produced here (9)
15.glucose will be present here if a person suffers from diabetes (5)
16.these are chemical messengers (8)

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