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Biology Puzzle

Joseph Lewis

To test your vocabulary skills

1 2 3
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4.all members of a specific species occupying a particular area at the same time
7.uses reverse transcription from rna into dna
8.single nucleotide polymorphism
10.when the provirus is activated
13.virus that causes hemorrhagic fever
15.developmental regulatory genes
18.naked strands of rna that cause diseases in plants
20.proposes speciation occurs after populations become isolated
21.scientific name for horse
25.bacteriophages carry portions of bacterial dna from a donor cell to a recipient
29.isolated from extremely hot hot and acidic environments such as geysers, and hot springs.
30.father of evolution
1.additional set of chromosomes beyond diploid number
2.effect that prevents the majority of genotypes from participating in the production of the next generation
3.used as vectors to carry foreign dna into host bacteria
5.cycle in which viral reproduction occurs
6.produced when the plasma membrane surrounds polymers,
9.geological changes occur at a uniform rate
11.composed of protein and surrounded by envelope
12.reproduce asexually by means of binary fission
14.where species live and how they interact with one another
16.any allele frequency change within a gene pool of a population
17.study of the distribution of plants and animals around the world
19.raw material for evolutionary change
22.seperation that requires a geographic barrier
23.cycle in which viral reproduction does not immediately occur
24.prevents hybrid offspring from developing
26.most bacteria are
27.the splitting of one species into 2 or more species
28.also called gene migration

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