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Biology II Chapter 17 Fungi

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1.Heterotrophs that acquire their food through absorption
3.Named for their club shaped, spore producing structure, called a basidium
4.Network of thread like filaments that make of the feeding structure of fungi
6.Branched hyphae structure
7."Fungus Root" Symbiosis between fungi and plant roots
9.Inhibits the growth of certain types of bacteria
11.Fungal infection
12.Thought to represent the earliest lineage of fungi
14.Named for their sac-like structures called asci that produce spores in sexual reproduction
2.Hyphae invade plant roots and branch into tiny tree like structures known as arbuscules
5.Possess a protective zygosporangium
8.Obtain their nutrients from a living host
10.Symbiotic associations between green algae and cyanobacteria held in a mass of fungal hyphae
13.Single-celled fungus
15.Rapidly growing fungus that reproduces asexually by producing spores

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