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In the House

1     2   3
5             6
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    14   15
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1.A synonym for "sofa"
4.A place where you store your bicycle, your tools, etc.
5.You pull this open and put your forks, knives & spoons inside (un tiroir)
7.You bake a cake in the _______________ (four)
9.You find this in a lamp (une ampoule) - 2 words, with space
11.The appliance that washes your clothing
16.This covers the table
18.Where you hang your clothes
19.Where you keep ice cream and other frozen food
20.A type of furniture for your bedroom - you can fold your clothing and put it in this
2.This covers the floor
3.The object (and verb) used for removing snow
6.A type of furniture for books (un étagère ou une bibliothèque)
8.An appliance that cleans your plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons, etc.
10.The place where you wash your hands - in the bathroom or in the kitchen
12.The place where you put your plates or where you put non-perishable food items
13.The cloth that covers your windows (plural)
14.This keeps you warm at night
15.You make soup on the _____________ (poêle)
17.The object used for sweeping (hint: witches fly on this object)

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