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1 2
  3     4  
7 8             9    
    12           13   14        
  15         16                                
21 22                   23            

3.The movement of an object through distance.
6.A straight, slanted surface.
8.An inclined plane that is wrapped around a cylinder.
11.A simple machine that consists of two circular objects of different sizes.
12.A rope or chain wrapped around a wheel.
15.A simple machine made up of a bar that pivots at a fixed point called a fulcrum.
16.Energy that results from moving changes.
17.The energy stored in the nucleus of an atom as a result of the nuclear forces.
19.The transfer of heat in fluids by the movement of currents that form in the fluids (both gases and liquids).
22.The transfer of heat without matter
23.a device that makes work easier.
24.Energy associated with the motion of an object.
25.The energy resulting from the motion of the particles within atoms.
1.Stored energy
2.While energy may change from one form to another, energy is neither created nor destroyed.
4.Energy resulting from the motion of an object.
5.Energy stored in chemical bonds.
7.The measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a substance.
8.Energy given off by a vibrating object.
9.The total amount of energy in all of the particles contained in a sample of matter.
10.Causes change
13.The process in which the nucleus of an atom is split apart to form two smaller nuclei.
14.he process in which two small nuclei are joined together to form a larger nucleus.
18.The transfer of heat by direct contact of particles.
20.Thermal energy transferred between two objects of different temperatures.
21.An inclined plane that is wider or thicker at one end than at the other.

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