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Spellingwords for the week of Oct 21st

Milena Hoffman

This week we have 20 words.

2 3  
    5       6 7     8  
  9     10        
      11 12        
14       15             16
17         18          

4.I like fruit ________.
5.Lets listen to some _________.
7.You are a __________.
9.I like the movie Night at the ___________.
12.An underware brand is _________ of the loom.
13.When I was young, I went on a dolphin ____________.
14.At a restraunt you order food from a ________.
15.I __________ my hand when I thought it was going to be burned.
17.Synonym for big.
18.A __________ is to go over something again.
19.My neice's brother is my __________.
20.An oriental type of wood.
1.My parents really _________ me.
2.Synonym for student.
3.The firemen arrived to _________ the children from the burning building.
6.Butter tasting curled nut.
8.You go to court because people or the police __________ you.
10.No one wants to hear your _________ for not doing your homework.
11.Nobody can tell the _________ except for God.
16.Water spining as it drains from the sink makes a _____________.

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