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The Mass

Mrs. Palmer

The Mass Unit Review

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1.Sent on a mission
3.____________ to communion is the 4th part of Mass
6.So be it
8.This word means Mass
9.The Mass meal gives us power to overcome ____________ and sin
11.During the homily, the priest explains ________ as it applies to our lives
12.Liturgy of the ______ is the second part of mass
13.Is the 5th and last part of Mass
16.This is the first part of Mass
18.After communion we are sent back in the world to ________ the good news
19.Mass takes about _____ hour (s)
21.Please save us
2.Liturgy of the _________ is the 3rd part of the Mass
4.Means "the Eucharist"
5.Kneeling toward the Tabernacle
7.Do this in ___________ of me
10.The Mass is the most ________ prayer offered in the Catholic Faith
14.Praise the Lord!
15.The _________ we hear, and communion we share is to Change thier hearts
17.Sign of the ________. Reminds us of Jesus' crucifixion
20.The Mass is nearly _____ thousand years old

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