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Ecosystems Review

Read the clues below, and decide which science vocabulary word BEST fits.

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1.the study of how living and nonliving things interact
6.the role an organism plays in a community
10.a meat eating animal that feeds on the remain of dead animals
12.clearing of forest land
17.the nonliving part of an ecosystem
18.all the individual species in one given area
20.the place where an organism naturally lives and grows
21.an unwanted change in the environment
22.an animal that hunts other animals for food
2.an animal thateats both plants and animals
3.an organism that gets energy from the sun
4.an organism the eats another organism to get energy
5.the living parts of an ecosystem
7.a group in which organisms are divided based on similarities
8.an animal that is hunted for food
9.an animal that eats other animals
11.all the different populations in one given area
13.an animal that eats producers such as algae, grass and trees
14.the path of energy from one organism to another
15.get energy by breaking down nutrients in dead organisms
16.all the living and nonliving organisms in an environment
19.overlapping food chains in an ecosystem

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